5 exercises that must be included in your resistance training program

Resistance training is much better than cardio. It is an important part of the training program. If you want to get lean, you must do these exercises. Here are five exercises that you must include in your resistance training program.



It is the best exercise of all. It hits most muscle groups in the body, but it emphasizes on the core and larger lower body muscles. It is very effective for burning body fat. You can do lots of variations of the squat to target various muscles. For example, the front squat focuses more on the quadriceps, and the back squat focuses more on hamstrings.

Barbell Squat


When you change the width of your stance during squats, it affects which muscles are worked more. Narrow stance hit the quadriceps more, and a wide stance concentrates on gluteals and hamstrings. For this exercise, you can use dumbbells, barbells, Swiss balls, etc. When you perform a squat, you should go down until your thighs are parallel to the ground.



You can do deadlift and squat interchangeably. The deadlift hits the back and the entire core. It recruits and strengthens the large lower body muscles. It works down from the shoulder girdle down to hips and legs. It emphasizes on the hamstrings, quadriceps, and abdominals. It is very effective for the lower back area.

Power Clean


It is a compound power exercise that works the lower legs, gluteals, quadriceps and upper back. This is a very effective exercise even though it’s a little hard to do.

Bench Press


It is used for the pectorals. The exercise can be performed in various ways. It targets the chest region. If you use the flat bench, it will hit the middle of the chest. If you use an incline bench, it will work the upper pectorals, and a decline bench press will work out the lower pectorals.
Only doing these exercises is not enough. You have to take the right food and supplements as well. You should do these exercises regularly. If possible go to a gym that has individual instructors. That way you will be well supervised, and so you can do the exercises in the right way.

xercising regularly will keep you healthy and strong. It will increase your energy level, and you will be able to stay healthy and fit. Regular exercise can help keep you safe from diseases. If you can’t afford the time or cost to go to a gym, you should look at some online videos that show how to do these exercises. By buying the right equipment, you can also try these at home.