Body Modification Culture

Body modification is permanent or semipermanent alterations of the living human body. These are done as part of a ritual, aesthetics, folk medicine or corporal punishment. Body modification, in particular, refers to voluntary changes. Various methods are used in body modifications. These include incision, perforation, abrasion, insertion of different material, etc. These resources will help you to learn more about the body modification culture.


Piercing Bible  – by Elayne Angel

Elayne Angel performed many piercings since the 1980s. She has brought several practices into the mainstream, like the tongue piercing. In this book, you will know about the best piercing practices; terminology, tools and techniques used in the piercing trade; hygiene, and more.

Mod Con: The Secret World of Extreme Body Modification  – by Shannon Larratt

In this book, learn about the practitioners and participants who live in a world of tattooing, implants, amputation, sacrification, etc. You will get a look into the secretive world of these people.

Body Modification  – By Mike Featherstone

Here you will know about the growing practices of body modification like tattooing, piercing, inserting implants, etc. The book addresses the question whether we are going back to the traditional tribal practices of body modification.

Body Piercing  – by Andrew Dubar

Piercing is an old tradition. This tradition is now prevalent in the modern youth culture. You will find the book packed with photographs of body modification method of piercing.


The Most Shocking Body Modifications

Body modification has bee practised since the old times. Some of the modifications are not easy to make, and they are harder to undo. People can go to unimaginable extremes to look and feel different from others. This video shows a collection of extreme body modifications.

17 Extreme Body Modifications

In this video, you will notice the most extreme form of body modification ever to happen. These include bagel head, eyeball jewellery, having eyes tattooed black and more. These are some of the most extreme and craziest body modifications of all time.

Body Modification Documentary

This documentary explores the world of body modification. In this video, you will hear stories of people who consider augmenting their bodies as a way of life, either for artistic reasons or other reasons.

All these are great resources to understand more about body modifications. Body modification existed in the prehistoric times and is now becoming popular again, especially body piercing and tattooing. These books and videos will give you an insight into the strange and crazy world of body modification.