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Hillary Fowler, Editor-In-Chief
Photo courtesy of David Luhr

A disapearing act

Hillary Fowler | Editor-in-Chief Growing up, I never really talked to my brother. He was there, but conversations rarely went much deeper than “pass the potatoes.” I took him for granted. He is now around the world fighting in Afghanistan. Having a family member stationed overseas has made me realize there is more happening than anyone knows. I no longer […]

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For the good of plants

Daniel Goodman | Contributing Writer Utah representative Jerry Anderson tells us we need more carbon in our atmosphere. As an environmental science major at Westminster College and a young person, this type of carbon irresponsibility worries me. If I said “we are short of carbon dioxide for the needs of the plants” to promote the burning of fossil fuels, I […]

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Somewhere over the rainbow: Colorado edition

Alex Lotze | Contributing Writer When I think of home, I think about everything that has brought me to where I am today—people and moments. And I miss them dearly. Home is both the suburb of Littleton, Colorado, and the city of Denver in which it is outside of. Both these places have characteristics similar to Sugar House and Salt […]

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Herein lies the power

Katy Puddy | Contributing Writer Imagine you have the power to make a substantial effect on the environment., and you have everything at your fingertips to do so. Then deny it all. The state essentially holds every tool in order to make positive change toward solving the climate crisis. However, the state abuses this power and refuses to make change […]

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Residence halls abroad

Holly King | Assistant Editor Studying abroad, in my opinion, is just about the coolest thing that college has to offer. I have recently returned from my semester abroad in the Czech Republic, where I visited nine countries and 15 major cities. I was well prepared for run-down hostels and couch surfing–I was even a little excited to sleep on […]

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