Congratulations, Graduates!

Kim Zarkin | Forum Advisor For many of you, this marks the end of your formal education. That’s it. You’re done. No more pencils. No more books. No more teachers’ dirty looks. Wait – do you still sing that song? Do you even own a pencil? But I digress. Our … Continue reading

Failure makes us fly

Hillary Fowler

Hillary Fowler | Editor-in-Cheif I remember it like it was yesterday. Nerves off the charts. Thousands of new faces. Confusion. But mostly curiosity. What was I about to get myself into? When I graduated high school, there was a mix of feelings. But I knew exactly what was coming next: … Continue reading

Writing: A call to action

Hillary Fowler

Hillary Fowler | Editor-in-Cheif I often hear people say they aren’t writers. But the truth is, we all are. It isn’t about who can use the biggest words and turn the best phrases. It is about exploration. Writing has been built up in our society. We think only certain people—those … Continue reading