Jake Arthur – DII MCLA Preseason Player of the Year

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Jake Arthur, senior biology major, was awarded the division two MCLA Preseason Player of the Year. Photo courtesy of Westminster Athletics

Jake Arthur, senior biology major, was awarded the division two MCLA Preseason Player of the Year.
Photo courtesy of Westminster Athletics

He’s an athlete who is the number one ranked cadet in the battalion Army ROTC and has been accepted into three medical schools. He relishes the challenge of lacrosse and of the many commitments he holds.
He’s Jake Arthur, the division two MCLA Preseason Player of the Year.
Arthur received this accolade because lacrosse is his passion.
“I love the competition; I love the sport,” he said.
The Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) is a national organization of college lacrosse programs. It currently operates in the U.S. and Canada with over 200 teams in two divisions, according to their website.
Arthur, a midfielder, was selected for this award because he stood out from the other players in the division.
Brad Lavoie, the team’s assistant coach, said that “out of 109 teams, with about 35 players per team in the division, Arthur was presented the award,”
Teammate Matt Hearn said Arthur might be one of the best in scoring for the team.
“He’s just like a freak athlete,” he said.
Arthur has also been awarded other titles in lacrosse, such as the First Team All-American, National All-Tournament Team, and the Academic All-American.
Arthur was the only player in the league to receive all three of these honors.
“Maybe he’s not a human; maybe he’s a robot sent to save the world,” said Lavoie.
Regardless of whether Arthur is human or robot, he had many career goals while growing up. He wanted to be a churro salesman as well as a garbage man because he wanted to sell good food and help the environment.
Arthur always knew that he wanted one of his career options to be a doctor. As a senior biology major, he is now getting ready to join his sister at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences.
“Family has always been a big motivator for me,” said Arthur.
Arthur first started playing lacrosse in seventh grade.
“I wanted to play football, but my mom didn’t want me to,” he said. Arthur continued to play lacrosse throughout high school.
His high school lacrosse coach was his own father. Arthur’s father would keep track of how well he was playing during games.

Photo courtesy of Westminster Athletics

Photo courtesy of Westminster Athletics

“I didn’t see myself as a star athlete, but my family talked me up,” he said.
After high school, Arthur started playing lacrosse at Westminster College.
He described playing lacrosse at Westminster as playing with a brotherhood. Arthur said that the team is about the whole group. It’s not just about an individual on the team.
“You don’t want to let your team down,” he said.
Since starting school at Westminster College, Arthur has been recognized and awarded with many accolades. With all his other activities, how does Arthur find the time to do it all?
Arthur’s teammates, coaches and interests have helped him learn a few life lessons. “It all teaches you to excel and prioritize,” said Arthur.
For Arthur, taking on many challenges improves his focus.
“The more work you put on your plate, the more task-oriented you are,” he said. “If you put all your attention on one thing at a time, you give that thing your all.”
“If your schedule is filled up, you will utilize the time dedicated to each task because you don’t have time not to,” he said.
Arthur is “something you rarely see,” said Lavoie. “He’s the most efficient person with his time that I’ve met.”
He is a “real down to earth kind of person,” said Hearn. “He has a plan and follows it. He doesn’t complain.”
Arthur continues to play lacrosse because it is something he enjoys doing. He likes practicing with his team and working together to get to the national championship. Arthur likes the challenge.
“It’s not about being recognized, it’s that I feel good excelling,” he said.




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