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Smythe Eddy

Smythe came to Westminster three years ago from Maine and is currently a senior communication major with a focus in journalism and graphic design. When she’s not editing papers and designing documents for class, she enjoys listening to bluegrass and taking advantage of Utah’s outdoor playground by escaping to the mountains to ski, hike or rock climb. Music is a passion of hers as she grew up playing the violin and after recently acquiring a mandolin, she hopes to add that to her repertoire. Smythe was a staff reporter for The Forum in the fall of 2013 and will now start her first semester on the editing team. Her post graduation plans consist of traveling abroad and gaining more experience in her field before eventually settling down to a full time position.

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Angela Merkley


After much soul searching and switching her major five different times, Angie found her calling in communications and Spanish. The Utah native is determined to fulfill her role as a grammar Nazi, spellchecker and punctuation sifter. Although evaluating literacy is a frequent and unintentional pass time, the Westminster junior also enjoys guitar, art, knitting and culinary workings. Though Angie may be a rookie in the media world, she is determined to enhance her knowledge with each passing day, word and sentence.


Anne Wilkins

GriffinAnne Wilkins is the Business Manger for The Forum. She is  a senior at Westminster College studying communication. She is currently the co-director of Westmintser Thinks Big a mini TED talk series here on Westminster Campus. Anne is also the director of programs at LiveDAYBREAK. She is passionate, hardworking, motivated, and has a talent for getting along with all types of personalities. Anne is also, accustomed to handling sensitive, personal matters, a diligent work ethic, and loves a challenge.

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Sarah Kahn


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Becca Rettenberger

1450868_10202753123967898_2014836783_nBefore Becca was sucked into the world of design and communication, she enrolled at Westminster with aspirations of a political studies degree and a corner office in Washington, D.C. However, Becca soon realized that the pursuit of a political career was devoid of bright colors and full of media scrutiny. Upon this discovery, she decided to switch gears and become a gladiator (Olivia Pope style.) A career in crisis communication meant that Becca could follow her passion for design, speech crafting, and sarcastic social media commentary. When she is not editing political commentary in her head, Becca can be found enjoying days on the lake paddle-boarding or reading novels in the park. She brings three years of social media and design experience to the Forum staff. Becca currently works with the Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy and hopes to apply her professional experience and training in social media and design to revamp the Forum website and social media platform. You can follow her personal twitter here (https://twitter and the Forum here (https://twitter

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