Sugar house housing | does it live up to the hype?

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A cosy house in Sugar House up for sale.  Jenteal Jackson/The Forum

A cosy house in Sugar House up for sale.
Jenteal Jackson/The Forum

Is all of the craze and demand to be a resident of Sugar House really what it’s cracked up to be? This Old House magazine said so.
“Sugar House is head and shoulders above the rest,” it said.
Sugar House has residents of all ages and walks of life. It has many college students, with the University of Utah and Westminster College only minutes apart. Sugar House also has people who have been residents for over 50 years and everything in between. It is a popular area with a high demand for living. But what is all the hype about? Do people who live there really love it? How do the college students like the area and feel about the cost?
Sugar House is very conveniently located, with downtown and the mountains both minutes away. Sugar House has some of the oldest houses in Salt Lake, with many of them being built with brick and a vintage look to them. The streets are usually well-maintained.
Sugar House neighborhood is, “a desirable area to say the least” said Robert Jackson, a local real estate agent. “It is more expensive than the surrounding areas but many people like it and are willing to pay because it’s very centrally located to everything from downtown to the ski resorts.”
Jackson also said that “It is where the upscale people moved in the beginning, so there is a feeling of value there. It has become the place to be.”
Sugar House is “all built out”, said Jackson. Other areas are still growing and have room to grow, while Sugar House doesn’t have available space to do so. Sugar House has shown it will hold its value.
“I definitely could find a bigger place for much less than what I am paying. I understand I am paying for location, but I am fine with that,” said Jenessa Hill, a resident.
Many people in the area realize they are paying more to rent or buy simply because of the location of Sugar House, but they choose to live there anyway.
Hill also mentioned some other reasons she has chosen to live where she does.
“I like that I can walk to Sugar House Park or my local grocery store, which are all minutes away. Everything you need is so close and you can walk or bike.”
Hill really likes the feel of the area.
“I feel very safe in this area, which is a big deal to me since I am a single girl.”
A current Westminster student and business major, Alli Blake, has attended three different colleges and lived off-campus when attending each one.
“I have loved the Sugar House neighborhood and really feel that for the area you are living in and everything surrounding you, the price is very reasonable,” she said.
“I have definitely had cheaper housing at my two other schools, but I wasn’t as pleased with the area and I wasn’t living in a major city.” Blake said.
Hill said that “If I were in Sugar House for college, I would like it. I feel that it is transitioning to a younger generation. I also think the price is reasonable. It might be more expensive than most colleges, but I went to San Diego State University and that was much pricier for not as nice of living conditions.”
It seems the overall feel view of Sugar House is positive. People realize it isn’t the cheapest area around, but there are also much pricier areas across the country that don’t have nearly as much to offer as Sugar House.
It would seem that Sugar House really does live up to all the hype.

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