Westminster Confession #112


DSCN0452In case you haven’t heard, a new craze is sweeping across Westminster. And no, it’s not the Harlem Shake.
Westminster Confessions is a page on Facebook, and is used as a story telling medium in which all of Westminster student’s crazy antics can be posted anonymously.
It started out innocently enough. Students would talk about their interactions with Auntie Em, not paying parking tickets, and choosing to work out so that they could be surrounded by hot guys. Innocent.
And then suddenly it became a hot mess of ridiculous behavior.
Now, I understand that college students do some crazy things. We make mistakes, we learn from them, and we become better people. I get it.
Yet there’s a point where “it’s a learning experience” can’t be used as an excuse anymore. Bringing alcohol to class? Not something I would really deem a “learning experience.”
A number of other universities also have these confession pages, so I can understand why they are popular. We all get a good laugh about hearing the stupid things people do. We get a good laugh reliving the stupid things we have done ourselves.
But I worry about the repercussions of these types of pages. Aren’t we just encouraging harmful behavior? A number of posts on the page state that they don’t feel like they’ve had a good college experience because they haven’t done crazy things.
Many students think that Westminster is a party school, and that this page is just revealing what the administration tries to keep “hidden.” Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but if Westminster is a party school than I am a neurosurgeon. The few students that choose to act ridiculously do not represent the school as a whole.
I think we need to redefine what a good college experience is. Drinking excessively, consuming large quantities of drugs and partaking in risky behavior doesn’t differentiate a good college experience from a bad one.
A good college experience is where you learn a lot, meet great people, have personal relationships with faculty and staff on campus, and enter the work force prepared and competent. Is there a little bit of stupid behavior in there? Of course.
But that behavior doesn’t have to be destructive or disgusting. It doesn’t have to make you look like a jerk, and it doesn’t have to defame the school.
So for those of you, who think that this page is homage to you, please understand that it is not. It is only homage to what we think Westminster is. When it reality, Westminster is much different than the picture that is being painted. Instead, we need to start focusing on the positives happening at Westminster, and not the idiotic.
For me, and a large number of the students, faculty, staff and alumni of Westminster, please think of more creative confessions. Or, just shut the page down. We’re only encouraging a negative perception of Westminster, and that doesn’t benefit anyone.

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